Welcome to  Collinsville High School Wood Working

Here you will find information about our wood working classes, pictures of projects and former students, and project plans.

Please send any questions, comments, or other communications to akosberg@kahoks.org

Mailing address of the school is:

Collinsville High School

2201 S. Morrison

Collinsville, Il. 62234


Currently we offer 5 semesters of Wood Working classes:

First a word about the CNC Router:  We currently have two CNC routers which are used extensively in all wood working classes. The CNC is a computer controlled robot that students program to produce interesting and intricate projects. Please visit the CNC Router Photos above.

Intro to Woods:  One semester class beginning at the introductory level. Absolutely no wood working experience needed to take the class. We start out with hand tools and quickly work into using power tools to learn fundamental wood working operations. The class is self-paced, with students moving ahead according to their skill and energy levels.  Students can expect to become familiar with all of the power tools in the shop, and are encouraged to produce as many projects as they can complete during the semester.

Woods One and Two:  A full year course open to all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Intro to Woods is not necessary, though helpful for some with very little prior experience using tools in general. Here students again move at their own pace exploring basic wood working, but with twice the time to explore the many varied areas of wood working. Students will utilize the common hand and power tools to produce a wide variety of projects.

Woods Three and Four: A brand new full year course open to Juniors and Seniors. Prerequisite: Woods One and Two. This is an advanced woods class designed to give students a year of serious wood working techniques and study. Students will become acquainted with many intricate machines, hand tools, and methods. In addition, students will become acquainted with classic and traditional styles and forms.  Students will be encouraged to develop and experiment with their own style of furniture.