Chessboard Project

Chessboard Project
These directions are very important. Failure to read and follow directions will most certainly lead to a most painful disaster. Yes it will. Read both sides of this paper!
1. You will need two different types of wood. Start with four strips of each color. For each color you will need 1 Board 2” x 24” and 3 Boards 1 3/4” x 24”.
2. Glue the strips together. See Figure 1 on reverse side of this sheet. Try to make the boards as flush as possible. Watch the demonstration very closely!
3. Before surface planning all glued boards must be scraped to remove any and all chunks of glue. Did you remember to wipe excess glue? Next, have board planed.
4. Square one end of the board on the Radial Arm Saw. Double check with a tri-square.
5. Re-cut the boards on the Table Saw into 1 3/4” strips. Begin with the squared end against the fence.
6. Re-glue the boards making sure to line up the squares, and making sure that the board is as flush as possible. Use scrap wood on each side of the board so that the clamps do not dig into the boards. Give Mr. Kosberg the extra strips for use later.
7. You will install your First skirt boards now BEFORE you do any sanding or any cutting of the board of any kind. Do not even THINK of scraping the board after it has been re-glued into squares.
8. Cut the First two skirt boards only. They should be 1 3/4” x 14 5/8”. Follow the diagram on the other side of this sheet for the proper placement of screws. Attach the first two skirts to the board using glue and screws. Use clamps for this operation. It is now a very good time to have been paying attention!
9. Trim the first side using the Table Saw. Make sure the first cut is parallel by measuring and shimming if necessary. Watch the demonstration of this step closely!
10. Make the board parallel and to finish size using the Table Saw on the second side. Both sides should be perfectly square and true so the second skirts fit properly.
11. Cut your second set of skirts. They should be 1 3/4” x 16” or so. Make them exactly the length of the board and skirts. Using the diagram on the reverse side of this sheet mark out and drill the holes for the second skirts. Attach the second skirts using glue and screws.
12. Now you may begin sanding. Install the woodplugs. Fill in any small gaps with glue.
13. Route all surfaces with the roundover bit. Sand everything better than you have ever sanded anything before. Learn to play chess!