Napkin Holder

The World Famous

Napkin Holder Project


Read and follow the directions carefully. Listen to instructions and watch what is going on around you. Remember that learning to do things correctly is more important than the finished product itself! 

Project Goals: Learn to use the Bandsaw, Handplane, Stationary Sanders, and Drillpress. Learn many of the fundamentals of Sanding and Finishing.

 1.  After practicing on scrap wood get the two boards for your project.  One board will end up being ¾” x 3” x 10”.  The other board will end up being ¾” x 4” x 10”.  Write your entire name on your project. All projects must have names on them at all times.

 2.  Using a hand plane make one edge on each board square to the face and true.  Have them checked and signed before going on to the next step.

 3.  Draft the project on your boards. (See the diagram on the reverse side of this page). You will use the side you planed as one side of each rectangle. The other three sides MUST BE DRAWN.

 4.  The layout drawing on the boards must be checked before cutting and drilling. You must have a completed tool write-up before you can be allowed to use any of the power tools.  When cutting you should always remember to cut outside of the line so that you can sand down to the line later. Double-check that the distance between the marks for the holes is 8”. After checking center punch these holes.

 5.  First drill the larger holes in the top board of the project. This is either a 7/8” or 1” hole. Before drilling the ¾” holes in the bottom board place the top board on top of the bottom board to make sure the holes will line up. Correct as needed.

 6.  Cut one 12″ post. Sand both ends so that they are perfectly rounded. After posts are completely sanded cut the post into two exactly even posts.

 7.  Sand the entire project to specifications. Have your project checked and approved before you finish it.

 8.  Once approved your project is ready for the oil finish. You will need a minimum of three coats.  Remember that it takes 24 hours for each coat to dry before you apply the next coat. Wipe off all excess oil immediately after wiping it on your project.

 9.  If the posts are loose apply some masking tape to them for a snug fit. A tiny bit of glue can be used if you are very careful not to get it on any visible part of the project.

 10.  All projects get an official grade. Even though it has been checked many times please bring it up one last time for grading. Thanks!